100ml of Carbon 60 Olive Oil + Applicator


100ml of organic extra virgin olive oil, fully saturated to 0.8 mg / ml with solvent-free, research grade (99.99%) Carbon 60. Free U.S. shipping via USPS Priority Mail!

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100ml of organic extra virgin olive oil, fully saturated to 0.8 mg / ml with solvent-free, research grade Carbon 60 (99.99% purity). Every element of our process is designed to reproduce exactly the product used in the original study conducted at the University of Paris. Package includes a 1ml measuring applicator.

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Our goal is to advance scientific research—please consider contributing information to this endeavor through the questionnaire linked here: Carbon 60 Research Database

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2 reviews for 100ml of Carbon 60 Olive Oil + Applicator

  1. Nancy Burks

    I have been taking carbon 60 olive oil product for 3 weeks today. have been very pleased with the results so far. First, the package came promptly and it was extremely well packed.
    I began with just a few drops daily since I react strongly to a lot of supplements. I worked up to 1/2 tsp. but then dropped back down to 1/4 tsp. where I feel comfortable and am sleeping the best. I can now sleep 2.5 hours longer than normal before getting up for a potty break. The sleep is very deep and restful. I feel less anxiety and, over-all, I am more able to handle the challenges of daily activities. Less inflammation after physical exertion. Using product topically in several areas with moderate success. Will certainly buy again. , BTW, I am 75 year old female, recovering from major bowel surgery.

  2. Peter Crawford

    A friend, who uses your product gave me a 30ml bottle. I found that there are 70 doses per half applicator,
    so I planned to take two doses per day.
    I totally buy into the idea that bucky balls collect free radicals from the blood by the million! I reasoned that the blood stream like the Golf Stream hit all parts, heart, lung, brain ,liver and all organs etc. If it collects the cell debris from thes vital areas – why, we must be growing younger! Bolted to this belief
    i got more bottles. Now I look younger than my 52 year son! who compliments me!
    I am 80 years old but feel 50!
    thank you for an extraordinary product.

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